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Spinal Decompression

The Decompression Traction System (“DTS”) is essentially a method of stretching your body to relieve the pressure and break down of scar tissues that builds up in the spine through various causes.


Goal of Therapy

To reduce the pressure on the nerve, most commonly from a herniated or protruding disc.

Secondary Effect

It decreases muscle spasms and muscle guarding, and breaks up adhesion, in order to facilitate increased range of motion.

How it works

It provides a gentle intermittent distractive pull-relax patterns that creates a suctioning effect on the disc, which helps improve blood flow and re-hydrate the disc.


Non-surgical approach with  gentle force during treatment. Pain relief, improved healing and slower degeneration.



Get your initial consultation and examination to see whether will spinal Decompression Therapy benefits you.

Effects of non-surgical decompression therapy in addition to physical therapy Vs physical therapy alone in patients with lumbar radiculopathy; a randomized controlled trial

It was concluded that a combination of non-surgical spinal decompression therapy with routine physical therapy is more effective, statistically and clinically, than routine physical therapy alone in terms of improving pain, lumbar range of motion, back muscle endurance, functional disability, and physical role domain of quality of life, in patients with lumbar radiculopathy, following 4 weeks of treatment.

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